MOSSEL BAY  No trip to Mossel bay could be complete without a visit to the Diaz Museum.The museum not only houses a life size replica of Diaz’ caravel , which carried him around the Cape in 1488, but is also a showcase of the endeavours of the old seafarers and their first encounters with the indigenous population of the time.   Every year in February it is the focal point of the Diaz festival to commemorate his journey.   Then the town of Mossel Bay is turned into a  carnival venue with sidewalk stalls and  plenty to satisfy  the ‘culture vultures’ as performers entertain the visitors from around the country and even abroad.

Then there is an activity for the adrenaline junkies not to be missed – Shark Cage Diving . You are kitted out with a diving suit and lowered into the ocean,along with a number of fellow adrenaline junkies, to view the Great Whites eye to eye.

A dining experience with a difference out toward Mossel bay is De Vette Mossel, a seafood restaurant on the beach. Although De Vette Mossel is partly an open air restaurant, all seating is under canvas roofs, but your feet are in the sand, so kick off your shoes and prepare yourself for a serious seafood feast! Not to forget the best koeksisters served with coffee, in a tin mug, for dessert!