If you have the time I would really appreciate a comment in answer to the question: How important is it to you that a Bed & Breakfast offers an evening meal?  At the moment it is a service we offer, but we do not really promote it.

Would you:

1) Not care?
2) Not care as long as there were other places to eat nearby?
3) Be inclined not to stay there unless they did?

We’re really keen on hearing what you think – just comment on this post, choosing one of the options and any further thoughts you may have.

I do find that it is often businesswomen who make use of this service – let’s face it, it is not pleasant to sit like exhibit A,   all by yourself in a restaurant and anyway, food tastes so much better when you enjoy it with someone. If you have to eat by yourself, then let it be in front of the television with dinner-on-a-tray. For the same reason we provide  cutlery, crockery, glasses etc, for guests to enjoy  takeaways in style and most rooms have a small microwave to warm up a take-out.

I find that overseas holiday travelers also like to have dinner in as it allows them to enjoy a bottle of wine without worrying about driving under the influence – and then, if they are not from the UK,  often on the ‘wrong’ side of the road too! I therefore differentiate (when it comes to pricing) between a simple meal on a tray and a slightly more lavish three course dinner. I always try to use fresh ingredients from our garden and I always try to incorporate some traditional South African elements into my menu planning. Often, if guests request it, we will have dinner at a communal table.

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