Knysna Turaco  Fairview Historic Homestead, situated on a large, almost 3800m²  property,   lends itself to an ideal bird watching opportunity.   The extensive garden, surrounding the homestead, plays host to a diverse array of endemic birds as well as migrants from the northern hemisphere.African Hoopoe, Hadeda Ibis,  Red Eyed Dove, Fork Tailed Drongo, Cape Wagtail, Malachite Sunbird, Cape White Eye, House Sparrow, Cape Sparrow, Red-winged Starling, to mention but a few.   (These are ones that I, as a novice have seen!)  The following is just an example of what you can expect to see :


birding 1

We went for an outing to the George Botanical Garden.

Last week I was privileged to attend a birding course here in George, organized by the Overberg Birding Association (Birdlife Overberg), lead by Dr Anton Odendal.    What a revelation!   Not only did it rekindle my dormant passion for bird watching, but also opened my eyes to the vast potential of eco-tourism in our region.Apparently birding is one of the fastest growing branches of eco-tourism worldwide.   


During the December holidays, we also embarked on a mission to attract owls to our garden. Desmond, with the help of his sons erected an owl house in the age old flowering gum tree in the front garden.   We often hear and see owls in our trees, especially the Spotted Eagle Owl, so we are very excited to see whether they will become permanent residents at Fairview.   We’ll keep you posted!

(Photos taken from the website :